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By Nicole Williams

This is a quintessential young adult girl meets boy novel. Lucy’s life hasn’t been perfect. Both of her parents are incredibly distant, and now, she is forced to go to a new school for her senior year. She finds escape in dancing and rescuing dogs at the animal shelter, but then she meets Jude. He is incredibly attractive and incredibly charming, but he also has a reputation as in a rap sheet a mile long. On her first day of school, everyone assumes that she is trouble because she is hanging out with Jude Ryder. Jude is bad for her, but she can’t seem to stay away from him no matter how hard she tries. This is a page turning book that brings a lot of heat, but it is still appropriate for teens.

I have never read anything by Nicole Williams, but I really enjoyed this book. Both characters deal with some pretty deep issues, but the writing is lighthearted and easy to read. There weren’t any slow parts, and I really liked the infusion of dancing into the story. There were definitely some heart wrenching moments with Lucy and her parents. However, it was endearing to see them try to repair their relationship after so much heartache. Death, abandonment, and peer pressure were themes  found in this book. This is part of a trilogy. The second book is called Clash, and the third book is called Crush.




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