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Book review: All Unquiet Things

By , August 23, 2012 12:00 pm

 All Unquiet Things
 By Anna Jarzab

If you like mystery, murder and secrets then read All Unquiet Things by Anna Jarzab. The main character is a teenage boy named Neily who can’t seem to forgive himself for not answering the phone call from his ex-girlfriend, Carly,  the night she was murdered. Neily teams up with Audrey, Carly’s cousin, to try and solve the mystery of Carly’s murder. Much of this story is told in flashbacks, which can be confusing in some books, but this story was easy to read. The flashbacks actually helped to explain the relationship between Neily and Carly before she was murdered. Neily and Audrey discover secrets that are shocking, but mostly, they find out the truth about Carly and how she murdered.

This book is written quite well; although, be prepared for some strong language as this book is written for older teens. This is Anna Jarzab’s first novel. I have been waiting quite a while for her to write a second book, and now she has! Her second book, The Opposite of Hallelujah, will be released in October 2012. This book is also a mystery, but not in the same way as All Unquiet Things. This book is about family secrets, unanswered questions, and the relationship between sisters. Check it out!



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